Post-Merger Integration Excellence

Most mergers fail to generate a return beyond their cost of capital. The greatest reasons for this shortcoming is the failure to integrate the merging organisations.

This quarter’s In Focus features a recently published article from Private Equity International on successful acquisition and merger of two Altor-backed companies to form the leading waste management group in Norway.

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Post-Merger Integration without tears 

The success of Altor’s investment in NG, a Norwegian waste management business, shows how firms can improve the culture and values of an industry as well as an individual company’s performance, says CEO Erik Osmundsen.

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 Humatica strengthens team

Humatica has strengthened its team with the addition of Reine Wasner. Reine brings deep consulting and line management experience. He was previously the head of product marketing at Uster Technologies, a mid-market buy-out. Prior to this, he held senior consulting roles at AT Kearny, Booz and ADL.

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Worrying gap between the elite skilled and ordinary workers

A recent article from The Economist highlights the impact IT is having on the growing income gap between highly skilled and ordinary workers.

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