Humatica’s Operating Model Re-design service delivers the organizational model and governance processes needed to implement the value growth plan at pace.

We utilize a proven approach to co-create a future-proof organizational set-up based on economic first principles and with management buy-in for accelerated implementation.

Humatica provides full design and implementation support including facilitation, detailing of changed structures, role, processes, people and KPIs.

Deal makers realise on-time delivery of the value growth plan without disruption or delay. Operating partners deliver re-organization success through a best practice, transparent and neutrally facilitated process. CEOs accelerate organizational alignment to deliver the value growth plan faster and with minimal risk.

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altus delivers a quantified understanding of the quality of behaviours and management processes throughout the portfolio company. Results enable fact-based decisions on the optimal operating model and for management appointments.

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modas delivers a comprehensive understanding of personnel resource allocations across company. Results enable fact-based decisions on the cost and resource impact of various operating model design alternatives.

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