Humatica’s post-deal Alignment & Activation services rapidly identify the key organizational changes needed to deliver the value growth plan at pace and with minimal risk.

Structured interviews, data analytics and an organizational behaviour benchmark survey (altus) are used to assess the portfolio company’s ability to execute the value growth plan. Hard facts enable consensus on conclusions and recommendations in a mutually agreed change road-map between sponsor and management.

Private equity operating partners get complete transparency on organizational risks and bottlenecks to implementing the value growth plan up-front. Deliverables include a mutually agreed road-map between management and sponsor on needed organizational changes to ensure on time delivery of the value growth plan.

Portfolio company leaders get an objective, fact-based assessment of the organization’s ability to execute the value creation plan, and agreement on required changes with their management team and the private equity sponsor. Results have the buy-in of front-line employees and are therefore a catalyst for implementing change at pace with minimal disruption.

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altus delivers a quantified understanding of the quality of behaviours and interactions throughout the portfolio company which drive its ability to implement the value creation plan. Results enable fact-based identification of organisational strengths and bottlenecks and accelerated development of middle management entrepreneurial leadership skills.

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modas delivers a precise up-front understanding of personnel resource allocations across the company. Results enable fact-based optimisation of resourcing to improve efficiency and organisational effectiveness.

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