What we do and how we do it

Humatica helps private equity backed companies achieve outstanding investment returns with minimal risk.

We help sponsors and portfolio company leaders master the challenge of delivering ambitious value creation plans by working collaboratively with all stakeholders to align the organization and activate it for success.

Humatica’s tool-supported services and big-data benchmarks put hard facts around the critical behaviours and management practices that drive value creation for all stakeholders.

Our fact-based transparency, coupled with deep leadership experience, enables rapid consensus on pragmatic improvements to activate organizations and deliver alpha.

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What makes us different?
Why Humatica?

What makes us different

Our Work

Helping organizations achieve their potential

We work with demanding private equity sponsors and entrepreneurial leaders who want to achieve ambitious goals. Our clients are portfolio companies in Europe, Asia and North America. We are industry agnostic functional specialists helping senior executive teams bring organizations on the value growth journey. We work across the fund spectrum from lower mid-market to large-cap buy-outs.

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Our Journey

Background story to our unique services

Humatica’s journey started in 2003 with Andros Payne’s vision to quantify and codify the critical individual and organizational behaviours that drive the collective ability to grow stakeholder value.

Having carefully observed organizational behaviours in different companies that drove their ability to adapt, Andros set out to develop new analytical methods based on systems analysis, signal processing and control theory to measure and manage the specific behaviours and management processes driving agility. Starting from scratch with a bold idea and rudimentary analysis tools, first projects were completed for private equity clients who needed to transform organizational performance to grow value.

Over time, and with increasing pressure for stakeholder returns, more funds and portfolio company leaders started to understand the benefits of getting early, fact-based transparency on portfolio company organizations in order to accelerate value creation.

Geographic expansion continued with a growing international client base and experienced team serving private equity and corporate clients in Europe, North America and Asia. During this period, Humatica’s unique tools and benchmark databases steadily improved to digitally deliver valuable insights, faster. An increasing number of blue-chip funds now rely on our structured services as an integral part of their best-practice investment processes.

As an employee-owned partnership, Humatica aims to set the standard on organizational performance measurement and accelerated performance improvement for private equity.







Founding Roots

Andros Payne founds Humatica in Zurich, Switzerland. Initial projects utilise an excel MVP of Humatica's Altus behavioural benchmarking tool for the first private equity portfolio clients.

Initial Growth

First full-time employees and office in Zurich. Expansion of the client base to other mid-market private equity funds. First projects completed outside of Switzerland.

Global Financial Crisis

Project work drops 50% over the year, but no employees laid-off as a result. Initial Rightsizing projects realised with Modas tool. Recovery begins in 2010 and first projects for large public companies completed.

Offer Expansion

Expansion of structured service offer with Operating Model Re-design, Sales Force Activation, and Post-Merger Integration. Further geographic expansion with projects in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the US. London office opened and second Partner appointed.

Sustainable Growth

Record revenue and client growth including global blue-chip private equity funds and first project in Singapore for an Asian client. Surpass 300 projects completed. Strengthening of the team with new hires and upgraded HR, Marketing and Finance processes.


Digitalisation of the firm’s flagship tools and structured services to increase efficiency, value-add and scalability. New brand launch with a fresh look and sharpened messaging on Humatica’s specialised services.

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