Humatica’s Rightsizing service defines specific headcount changes across the organization to increase productivity and the organization’s ability to execute the value growth plan.

Our modas tool for hard-facts productivity analysis pin-points staffing optimisation opportunities in the context of the value growth plan. Structured interviews ensure a deep understanding of critical business processes to identify underlying productivity drivers and optimisation opportunities. Rightsizing measures along with the implementation road-map are jointly defined and stress-tested with management to achieve targeted resource levels.

Deal makers and Operating Partners improve EBITDA without impairing on-time delivery of the value growth plan. CEOs sustainably increase productivity, reduce cost and increase resilience with fact-based, precise improvement measures that have maximum acceptance in the organization.

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modas delivers a comprehensive understanding of personnel resource allocations across the company. Results enable fact-based, precise right-sizing decisions which increase efficiency without impairing the capacity for growth.

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