Selectively reducing cost to enable growth and reduce risk

Humatica’s operational efficiency service helps organisations eliminate inefficiency and achieve peak output with minimum resources. Using our web-based modus solution, we rapidly uncover hidden overheads that inhibit growth. We present the organisation’s leaders with the facts and benchmarks needed to make informed and precise structural adjustments. We then use our evalox solution to rapidly assess the competencies of large cohorts to make fact-based decisions on individual development requirements in the new organisation.

With modus and evalox, we help you design and implement a new, more efficient operating model, realise your strategy and deliver profitable growth.

Solution: modus


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Our Approach

  1.  Understand the organisation’s strategic context and objectives
  2. Gain deep and detailed transparency across the entire organisation
  3. Benchmark productivity at the activity level to identify improvement opportunities
  4. Analyse inefficiencies and root causes to quantify improvement potential
  5. Deliver a detailed roadmap with tactical and strategic measures to transform productivity
Operational Efficiency