Determining where and how to increase efficiency

modus is our web-based solution for identifying efficiency improvements deep within your organisation. Activity-level analysis and productivity benchmarking uncover hidden overheads and pockets of inefficiency. Using modus, we deliver the fact-based recommendations you need to optimise resource allocations.

With our modus on-line survey tool, we rapidly gain a comprehensive understanding of employee time spent throughout the organisation. We then use our proprietary benchmark databases to identify productivity improvement areas and root causes. Finally, we deliver a roadmap of short-, medium and long-term improvements, including recommendations for structural and process changes to realise identified potential.

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Our Approach

  1. Review strategic context and future operating environment
  2. Complete activity survey (managers respond on behalf of reports), which includes the client’s choice of a relevant preselected subset of 400 role-related activities
  3. Collect activity driver information – inputs and outputs
  4. Map resource allocations, adjust for scale and compare to benchmarks
  5. Propose optimal resourcing level and measures for the organisation to realise its potential
  6. Define implementation roadmap to set up the organisation for success