Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your knowledge workforce

evalox is Humatica’s web-based solution for rigorously assessing the skills and competencies of large numbers of knowledge workers quickly and cost-effectively. Using evalox, we provide fact-based insights into the ability of individual employees to fulfil the requirements of their current and future roles. Our assessment uncovers specific areas requiring further development.

With evalox, we collect and analyse role-specific competency information for each employee. We facilitate calibration discussions between managers and employees and compare findings against our benchmark databases to ensure that our assessments are objective and accurate. Humatica provides the necessary expertise and objectivity to ensure high-impact, credible results that shift performance.

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Our Approach

  1. Define target employee portfolio, required skills and competencies
  2. Assess current skills using role-specific competency framework and multi-rater (e.g. 360º) online surveys
  3. Facilitate group calibration of individual results
  4. Define individual skill gaps and appropriate development measures
  5. Provide employee feedback and results-tracking within the existing performance feedback process