Rapid, accurate assessment of organisational performance

altus is Humatica’s proprietary web-based solution for evaluating organisational effectiveness. Using altus, we provide fact-based insights into behavioural patterns that drive an organisation’s ability to continuously adapt and to create value. Our assessment quickly uncovers the hidden sources of value creation that are otherwise too subjective or difficult to address.

With altus, we analyse the results of an online questionnaire and structured interviews on management processes. We benchmark behavioural patterns against our best-practice database containing thousands of reference points gathered from working with hundreds of organisations in 13 countries over more than 10 years.

Finally, we develop a roadmap for transformation, which outlines specific actions to embed a high-performance culture and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

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Our Approach

  1. Conduct objective, rigorous and rapid assessment of individual and group behaviours that drive the ability to make and implement decisions.
  2. Administer online questionnaire (available in 12 languages) and conduct structured interviews with key leaders.
  3. Understand external market requirements and strategic context through interviews and desk research.
  4. Identify outlying best/worst behaviour patterns and root causes through internal and external benchmarking with Humatica’s “best practices” benchmarking database.
  5. Identify high priority improvement areas and develop a roadmap to sustainably improve the organisation’s ability to adapt and create value.