Enabling sustained, profitable sales growth

Humatica’s sales force effectiveness service helps organisations achieve long-term profitable sales growth. We assess and prioritise activities against five levers to ensure rapid improvement. We begin by verifying that the organisation is focused on the customer segments with the highest potential. Then we define the appropriate structure and ensure appropriate resources are focused on the right activities to optimise cost-to-serve.

We help determine fit-for-purpose sales processes and assess staff against required competencies. Finally, we ensure the incentive approach is aligned to motivate outstanding sales performance.

After delivering our evidence-based assessment, we support implementation to ensure sustainable  performance improvement.

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Our Approach

  1. Rapidly develop fact-based understanding of customers, competitors, products, services and  profitability
  2. Assess and prioritise five levers with most rapid improvement potential. We review target focus, organisation & resources, processes, skills & competencies, performance & incentives
  3.  Apply Humatica’s modus and evalox solutions to optimise sales productivity, competencies and behaviours
  4. Develop roadmap with sales team and senior leaders, and implement improvements
  5. Rapid pilot test to prove new sales methods and measure their effects
  6. Scale-up and transfer new working practices during roll out
Sales Force Effectiveness