Assessing the management and organisation’s capability to deliver the value creation plan

Today’s high multiples leave little margin for deal pricing errors. In particular, organisational issues below the senior management are the leading cause of value growth delays, and they are the hardest risks to judge and price. Humatica’s accelerate organisational due diligence service uncovers the hidden management practices and organisational behaviours that make or break a deal.

Utilising our proven methodology, deep leadership expertise and extensive behavioural benchmarks developed over 14 years, we deliver rapid, fact-based insights into a target company’s ability to execute your value creation plan. Results enable factoring of organisational strengths and weaknesses into your economic modelling. And, a modular approach adapts to fit the level of access in your deal.

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Our Approach

  1. Understand investment thesis and value creation plan
  2. Conduct  internal benchmarking, develop and prioritise organisational factors to test
  3. Assess organisational behaviours and key artifacts based on the level of access, on the deal type and on the investment strategy
  4. Identify organisational risks and opportunities, their impact and their likelihood of occurrence
  5. Develop acceleration recommendations for post-acquisition value creation