Getting the benefit from IT systems

Systems implementation is notorious for high project risk and failure to deliver anticipated benefits. In particular, private equity, with its limited timeline for investment, struggles with IT capex. Humatica has identified four common organisational pitfalls preventing systems from delivering value. Avoiding them is already half the battle.

This month’s InFocus features a recent Humatica article on the organisational aspects to get the benefits from system implementation.

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The uncomfortable truth – Getting the benefits from technology

Link to RealDeals article

Humatica sponsoring PEI Operating Partners Forum 8-9 May

Join us at this year’s premier Operating Partners conference in Europe, PEI’s Operating Partners Forum in London. The conference has grown steadily over the past six years as the focus on driving operational performance improvement for value growth has increased. Humatica will present and facilitate panels on critical organisational aspects of value creation. Find out more here.