Sales effectiveness is about people and behaviour. Humatica helped improve front-line working practices and realise top-line sales growth across Europe.

Remo Brunschwiler

Former CEO

Selecta (France): Upskilling the Sales Force to Achieve Growth

Selecta is the largest vending services company in Europe, with more than 4,500 employees servicing 140,000 machines in 21 countries. The firm has strong positions in both the impulse public vending sector and in private vending and coffee machines.

Founded in 1957, Selecta grew through organic expansion as well as acquisition. In 2007, Allianz Capital Partners acquired Selecta with significant leverage. Shortly thereafter, the global financial crisis and the Euro debt crisis began to weigh on Selecta’s top-line growth, putting margins under pressure.

In 2013, Remo Brunschwiler took the helm of Selecta as CEO and quickly implemented broad measures to improve Selecta’s profitability. After initial cost reductions, he turned his sights on improving Selecta’s top-line, which had languished with a slow decline in sales.

Under Brunschwiler’s leadership, Selecta engaged Humatica to gain insight into the skill potential and required development measures to prepare the company’s French division for future growth and success.

Humatica set up competency frameworks to help clarify sales roles and identify critical skills required for specific roles. With Humatica’s 360° assessment inputs, the managers created consolidated evaluations. We then calibrated these evaluations with inputs from peer managers, which resulted in objective and organization-adjusted evaluations that accurately reflected the organization’s current skill level.

Humatica worked with Selecta managers to define development measures with the future skill requirements in mind. Humatica helped to clarify roles for vaguely defined positions, identify development needs and also address urgent people-related decisions about the future organizational structure.

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  • Enabled identification of the best sales people, who became champions of the transformation
  • Highlighted opportunities to better manage time and organise by priority of opportunity
  • Addressed the gap in handling objections in sales discussions (leading to a system of demonstrations of Selecta’s star concepts at the client’s site)