Humatica’s new whitepaper on Buy & Build. Download now


Humatica’s new whitepaper on Buy & Build. Download now


We had a very positive experience working with the Humatica team. ISI has a very geographically diverse team spread between about 20 offices around the world. This required both logistical as well as cultural dexterity, and Humatica proved the perfect partner. They very quickly got up-to-speed with the issues and then held a series of in-depth workshops to identify ways for us to address them. I was impressed by the speed with which they learnt about our business, their knowledge and knowhow about best of class sales processes and the effective way they ran the global workshops and ensured everyone participated. We ended up with a very clear diagnosis of the challenges and opportunities we face and, more importantly, a clear path and roadmap as to how to tackle them. It was an excellent project and we were very happy with the results.

Guy Dunn

COO, ISI Markets

ISI Markets Sales Force Activation

ISI Markets is a leading provider of critical, hard to obtain economic, company and industry data intelligence on emerging markets – with commercial operations across Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Whilst the business had been growing successfully, the potential to accelerate sales growth further through increased sales effectiveness was identified by ISI management.

Particular focus areas for potential optimisation included the historical product focused organisational set up, decentralised local objective setting and market segment targeting process, a geographically fragmented commercial organisation and early stage Inside Sales and Key Account Management processes.

Humatica was engaged to support Guy Dunn, ISI’s COO with a Sales Force Activation project to accelerate future revenue growth.

A broad group of key stakeholders across geographies and functions were engaged to validate findings and collaboratively develop recommendations based on best practices. This ensured strong alignment and buy in across the business as well as a core team of operational implementation “owners” for the prioritised recommendations.

A phased implementation plan with clear responsibilities, timings and milestones was then collaboratively developed with key stakeholders to drive successful roll out.

  • fact-based, opportunity-driven, structured target setting process combining bottom-up input from local sales teams and augmented top-down direction from management
  • optimised Inside Sales resourcing/ processes and Marketing/ Sales interface to improve lead generation volumes, quality, and conversion
  • redefined sales roles and Go-To-Market approach to ensure a stronger focus on prioritised client segments
  • evolution to a more structured, consistent KAM processes
  • introduction of a systematic and consistent sales processes, playbooks, and marketing collateral to optimise sales teams’ activities by target segments
  • structured career development path and associated sales skills training