Transforming your organisation to innovate and grow value

Humatica’s organisational effectiveness service helps leaders build agile and innovative organisations where employees are capable of anticipating change, making good decisions and implementing them faster than the competition.

Using our web-based altus survey, we benchmark the specific behaviours underlying organisational agility and the collective ability to adapt to change. We use a broadly disseminated online questionnaire, combined with selected interviews to drill down into key management practices and potential root causes of ineffective behaviours. Finally, we deliver a pragmatic roadmap of concrete improvement measures that enables leaders to transform their organisations and shift to an enduring high performance culture.

Solution: altus


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Our Approach

  1. Understand your organisation’s growth targets and strategic context
  2. Surface behavioural patterns and leadership processes which drive the ability to adapt
  3. Benchmark behaviours and levers of organisational performance against “best practices”
  4. Analyse outlying organisational performance to identify root causes of ineffective behaviours and improvement measures
  5. Deliver a pragmatic roadmap to transform performance and realise value growth
Organisational Effectiveness