Ensuring effective CEO leadership

Humatica’s exclusive CEO² service is for private equity portfolio company senior executives facing their biggest career opportunity and challenge. Life at the top between demanding shareholders, customers and employees is tough. Portfolio company CEOs must navigate a tricky and shifting environment that require the full depth and breadth of leadership skills. The transition is particularly difficult for senior executives coming fresh into private equity governance. Our CEO² service enables accelerated on-boarding. Executives have a neutral sparring partner who has been in their shoes and can connect with their issues without concern for potential implications with the sponsor or the board.

Humatica’s CEO² service provides independent and objective coaching for portfolio company CEOs, delivered by proven buy-out senior executives who have successfully navigated the deal cycle before. Our CEOs are part of an exclusive network of experienced practitioners with a strong track-record of achievement and financial success.

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Our Approach

  1. Understand the background and context of the main issues to be addressed
  2. Select appropriate executive coaching candidates from the CEO2network and present their profiles to the client
  3. Conduct individual interviews with the selected CEO coaching candidates
  4. Refer to client for selection of the best-fit candidate based on their specific needs and the candidate’s experience