Leading Private Equity Buy-outs

The survival rate of private equity portfolio company CEOs is shockingly low. And the cost of changing the CEO in terms of lost time, effort and risk during the holding period is high.

This quarter’s In Focus features a recently published Humatica viewpoint from RealDeals magazine on CEO turnover – What is driving it? What can be done about it?

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Andros Payne
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Another one bites the dust – Why the half-life of CEO’s is dropping and what can be done about it

Changing the senior executive is a big and often risky step for sponsors. Losing one or two years in a seven year investment cycle hurts, and the uncertainty of whether the new leader will be better than the last gives pause for thought. What can sponsors and CEOs do to minimise the risks?

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Humatica is sponsoring the PEI Operating Partner Forum at the Institute of Directors in London on 15-16th April. As a panel moderator, Humatica’s Andros Payne will help to shed light on getting the relationship between the sponsor and portfolio company management right.

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