Humatica’s tools and services helped us to understand how we can most effectively increase the performance of our organization. Their independent, fact-based assessment was critical for driving focused change.

Dr. Geoffrey Scott

Former CEO & Co-Chairman of the Board

Uster Technologies (Switzerland): Achieving Profitable Sales Growth

Uster Technologies is a market-leading supplier of quality test equipment to the global cotton and textile industry. Faced with declining revenues, Uster engaged Humatica to help them break out of a cost reduction spiral and achieve profitable growth.

Although the company was very profitable, CEO Dr Geoffrey Scott and his private equity investor sponsors were struggling to grow the top-line. However, they knew they could realise a huge increase in the company’s value by shifting focus from cost containment to growth, while maintaining high profitability.

Humatica quantified specific behavioural patterns and management practices, which drove Uster’s ability to realise growth. Using altus, Humatica benchmarked organizational performance against best-practice companies and identified areas for improvement.

With altus, Humatica gave Uster’s leadership the facts they needed to drive change and a road-map for implementation. With Humatica’s support, Uster changed its people, structures and processes to shift the organization to a high-performance culture. This provided the organisation with added resilience to successfully navigate through the financial crisis and to grow ahead of the market when the crisis was over. Subsequently, Humatica then helped to implement rigorous individual performance management across the organization to align efforts and behaviours with growth targets.

Improved collaboration between functions led to Uster’s geographic and product expansion to realise solid revenue and profit growth within two years of Humatica’s work. A successful secondary transaction, IPO and 3x value increase have confirmed the sustainability of the performance improvements the company realised with Humatica’s support.

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  • Reversed downward sales trend from average 1-2% p.a. decline to market leading revenue growth
  • Achieved sustainable EBITA margins at a level in excess of 25% despite highly cyclical market conditions with revenue swings of +/- 50%
  • Enabled three-fold increase in enterprise value
  • Shifted from top-down leadership culture to an open and collaborative global approach
  • De-risked large development projects by establishing a project review board at the senior management level